Academy of Fine Arts

in Warsaw


Rec­tor of Academy of Arts in Warsaw:
prof. Adam My­jak

Deputy Rector for Research and Development:
prof. Wiktor Jędrzejec

De­pu­ty Rec­tor for Aca­de­my De­ve­lop­ment:
dr hab. Je­rzy Bo­gu­sław­ski, prof. ASP

De­pu­ty Rec­tor for Stu­dent Af­fa­irs:
dr hab. Woj­ciech Zu­ba­la, Prof. ASP

Rec­to­r’s Of­fi­ce

tel. (+48 22) 826 19 72, (+48 22) 320 02 15–16
fax. (+48 22) 320 02 14
e-ma­il: rek­to­ra­

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