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Art Fragments from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin

Opublikowano 12 kwietnia 2016


Art Fragments from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin” 

 w Galerii Spokojna w dniach 21 kwietnia – 5 maja 2016.

Wystawa zostanie zakończona uroczystym finisażem 5 maja, o godz. 19:00 z udziałem artystów z Turynu:

2FStudio (Giacomo Ganduglia e Asia Gandoglia)

Stefano Scagliola

Kiril Hadjiev

Rica Cerbarano

Alice Pareschi

Serena Debianchi

Elisa Latini

Ottavia Plazza

Viola Barovero

Oscar Giachino

Roberto Giuoco

Gianpaolo Silletta

Stefano Gusella – Silvia Roiatti – Dario Santoro

Emilia Croce

Mattia Malvicino

Stefano Allisiardi

Andrea Bertone

Arianna Bazzini

Federica Fontana

Raja Khairallah

Mohammad Forouzandeh Shahraki

Miriam Del Seppia

Giulio Saverio Rossi

Francesca ‪Iannaccone

“The Albertina Academy welcomed with enthusiasm the invite of the Warsaw Academy – Faculty of Media Arts, to show a series of students’ works at the Spokojna Gallery in Warsaw.

34 works by 24 artists are shown here with the title Art Fragments from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin and with a prevalence of photographic works but also paintings, sculptures, graphic art with etchings, illustration and video works.

The artists of the Turin Academy show attention to experimental research through a constant mediation between the contemporary and the classical. The theme of the body, which was the main concept of the First International Festival of Schools of Art and Design (FISAD) organized by our Academy in July 2015, is particularly present in many photographic works, whilst the heterogeneous selection of the works presented here, from social commentary to fashion aesthetics, underlines the diversity of the various schools of the Turin Academy, just like fragments of a discourse that is in a continuous evolution. As a first cultural exchange between two important institutions, today’s initiative is a meeting point between the artistic languages of two important cultural capitals such as Turin and Warsaw. “

Salvo Bitonti


Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin