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Wystawa Henryka Tomaszewskiego w Ljubljanie

Opublikowano 12 kwietnia 2016

Henryk Tomaszewski Exhibition / National Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia / 25. 5.–24. 7. 2016

We are pleased to announce a retrospective exhibition of Henryk Tomaszewski (1914-2005), a graphic designer – artist, illustrator and professor. Tomaszewski was one of the most important personalities of the Polish graphic design after World War II. He was the founder and the father of the Polish Poster School. As a teacher, he educated many designers in his homeland and abroad. His work received international recognition shortly after the end of World War II moreover a special graphic language he used is inspiring generations of graphic designers around the world until today.

The upcoming exhibition is the first solo presentation of Tomaszewski’s extensive ouvre outside of Poland, showcasing more than fifty years of his creative journey with a selection of around 250 works that include drawings on the topic of private and public affairs, which were regularly published in the cultural publications before and after World War II, the series of book covers of Polish literary works as well as his strongest area of creation – the posters.

The exhibition can be visited independently or with guided tours. The accompanying program will offer an event More about Henryk Tomaszewski, an in-depth presentation of the author through all areas of his creation. The participating guests will be: author’s son and also a renowned illustrator and graphic designer Filip Pągowski, author’s former assistant and renowned illustrator Cyprian Koscielniak, and author’s former student Radovan Jenko as moderator.