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Wykład Mieke Bal, “Theatricality as Exhibition strategy: From Image-Thinking to Thought-Images”

Opublikowano 28 października 2019

Mieke Bal – światowej sławy teoretyczka kultury oraz artystka wizualna.

Wykład Theatricality as Exhibition strategy: From Image-Thinking to Thought-Images

5 listopada 2019

godzina 16:00

ASP, Wydział Zarządzania Kulturą Wizualną

Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 37/39 (Aula)

Czas trwania 50 minut

Wykład będzie prowadzony w języku angielskim

The lecture of the famous Dutch cultural theorist and video artist will refer to her newest project, Don Quijote: Sad Countenances, a sixteen-channel installation with 33 photographs. The project will be framed in three ways: exhibition theory, revitalizing cultural heritage, and “artistic research”, all in connection to trauma theory. The goal of the exploration of these themes is to arrive at a deployment of empathy as a helping hand stretched out to those people in our social world who seem to different that we consider them “mad”. Scenes of 8 minutes are based on episodes from Cervantes’s world-famous novel, and are presented without linearity; this is not and will not be a film. Each scene brings the topic from the Cervantine episode into the present time. Watching them happens in the present tense. The “preposterous” temporality serves to bring new life to an old cultural monument, and through theatricality, which is “live”, bring it to “life” now.