Academy of Fine Arts

in Warsaw

Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art


prof. ASP dr hab. Marzenna Ciechańska

Deputy Dean:

prof ASP dr hab. Krzysztof Chmielewski

Dean’s Office:

Wy­brze­że Ko­ściusz­kow­skie 37 00–379 War­sza­wa

tel.: +48 (0) 22 625 12 51

fax: +48 (0) 22 622 96 49

Full-time programme
Degree subject: Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art
Conservation and restoration of paintings and polychrome sculpture
Conservation and restoration of books, graphics and antique leather
Conservation and restoration of sculpture and architectural ornaments
Conservation and restoration of antique tapestry
Uniform twelve-semester Master’s programme



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