Faculty of Design

Faculty of Design Dean: prof. Ksawery Piwocki

Deputy Dean:

prof. Wojciech Małolepszy prof. ASP

dr Robert Pludra

Dean’s Office: Myśliwiecka 8, 00-459 Warszawa

tel. (+48 22) 628 16 23, (+48 22) 629 40 45 w. 32

fax. (+48 22) 628 16 23

e-mail: wwp@asp.waw.pl

Full-time programmes:

Degree subject: Design

Specialization: product and visual communication design, fashion  design – a seven-semester Licentiate’s programme (first-degree programme)

Specialization: product and visual communication design – a three-semester Master’s programme (second-degree programme)


About Faculty of Design



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